Cleveland Methodist Episcopal Church South was established in 1857 and a wood framed church was built on land purchased from the Logan family for a sum of $5.00.  This was the year that White County was officially established as a new county in Georgia.  The first church faced west toward the square of the new town of Cleveland. In later years, a white wood building was erected on the same property facing the Clarkesville highway.

Cleveland UMCIn 1888 an organ was purchased for the church and in 1890 a bell was placed in the steeple.  That same bell continues to be used to this day and rings at 11:00 each Sunday morning, as well as on special occasions.

The name of the church changed to Cleveland Methodist Church under the North Georgia Methodist Conference.  Today it is known as Cleveland United Methodist Church.

The old white wooden church was torn down in 1950 and a brick church was built.  That church has been renovated with new additions several times. The fellowship hall and more Sunday school rooms were added in 1978.

The church members were very excited when they were able to construct a new brick parsonage on the church property in 1963.  The minister and his family continue to enjoy that parsonage and its convenient location.

Membership and programs have changed over the years, but continued growth and community involvement make this church a warm and welcoming place to attend.